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We have covered the joint venture transaction between Grand IT and EUROMEDIA GROUP

David Fyrbach was a worthy guide for us all throughout the process. His experience, contacts with associated experts, and the speed with which he was able to grasp the issues led to the successful setting of the parameters of the agreements between the two entities. I also appreciate the approach of Iva Horáčková. Thanks to this attorney’s empathy, diligence, and hard work, we were constantly moving forward.

Petr Řičánek Business Product Development Director, Grand IT s.r.o.

We have completed the management buy-out for GPD Inc., a leading tyre distributor in the CZ and SR

We were working on the issue of the exit of the three original shareholders for 4.5 years—often reaching dead ends. Management buy-out didn’t seem like the best type of transaction at first. Moreover, we weren’t used to working with lawyers so closely. But the complexity of the transaction required more assistance, which we received not only in a professional sense but also with a real human touch.

Petr Chvojka GPD Holding

Kentico raised foreign capital of 1.5 billion; two of our teams were involved in the transaction at a time

I appreciated the immense commitment and responsibility with which the teams always approached the transaction. David Fyrbach was the man for the job—he was always able to focus on the issues through the business lens. His translations and interpretations of complex legal texts into understandable language provided priceless support to us.

Petr Palas Kentico majority owner and former CEO

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