Information for Consumers

Price for services provided

We generally provide legal advice for a contractual fee. We always offer a qualified time estimate, which we will not exceed unless there are unforeseen circumstances, which we will always advise you of.

The fee can also be set according to the lawyer's tariff. In case of regular cooperation, we usually offer a regular discounted monthly fee as well.

The standard hourly rate for consumers is CZK 2,500 - 3,000 per hour plus VAT. The total amount of the fee thus depends on the actual time requirement of the specific service, and we charge it for each quarter of an hour. We negotiate payment terms with clients individually.

Termination of the legal services contract

You may terminate a contract for the provision of legal services in accordance with Section 20(4) of the Advocacy Act. A law firm may terminate a legal services contract in the cases specified in Section 20(1) to (3) of the Advocacy Act.

As a consumer, you may withdraw from a contract for the provision of legal services concluded at a distance or outside business premises without giving any reason within 14 days from the date of its conclusion, except in cases where the service has already been provided or where the performance of the service has already begun with your consent before the expiry of the withdrawal period. You may exercise your right of withdrawal at any partner or law firm office.

Rights from defective performance

If you have any reservations about the service provided, please contact any partner or branch of the law firm in writing. In addition to your identification details, please state in your complaint what the defect in the service provided by us is and what remedy you require. You will receive the law firm's opinion on the claim as soon as possible, in complex cases, within three working days. The complaint will be settled within 30 days of its submission, which does not include the time limit for the issuance of a decision or other action by an administrative or other authority, nor the time until the issuance of a specific decision or other action by a specific authority if the complaint concerns this. In the case of a legitimate complaint, you are entitled to the proper provision of the service or, if this is not possible, to a reduction in the fee paid. At the latest, the claim may be made within two years of the provision of the service complained of.

Out-of-court dispute resolution between lawyer and consumer

The Czech Bar Association ("CBA") is the entity responsible for the out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes in the area of disputes between lawyers and consumers arising from contracts for the provision of legal services. The out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes is free of charge, and the parties themselves bear the costs associated with it.

You, as a consumer, may file an application for the commencement of out-of-court proceedings with the CAK within one year from the date on which you first exercised your right, which is the subject of the dispute, with our law firm.

Address of the CBA:
Czech Bar Association
Národní 16
110 00 Praha 1
Data box ID: n69admd