Mgr. Kristýna Drozdková

Trainee Attorney

Kristýna specializes in general practice, continually broadening her insolvency, commercial, and litigation law knowledge. What she appreciates about working with us is that each partner focuses on a different area of law. Due to the diversity of work, there are numerous opportunities for sharing know-how.

In addition to her internship at our law firm, Kristýna has gained experience during her studies abroad, focusing on various areas of law. What she enjoys about working with us is the diversity and the interconnection with other fields in which clients do business.

Kristýna is fluent in Czech a English. 

Advocacy is a very diverse discipline that requires a certain degree of creativity. What I particularly enjoy is, for example, preparing arguments and strategies for particular cases. 

More on Kristýna

Education and training
  • Masaryk University Brno, Faculty of Law, Master’s Degree Programme: Law and Legal Science, academic title: Mgr.

Career path
  • Since 09/2019: Feichtinger Žídek Fyrbach Attorneys, Trainee Attorney koncipient

  • 03/2019–07/2019: Mgr. Šárka Veselá, Attorney/Legal Trainee

  • 04/2018-09/2019 – dTest, o.p.s. – Legal Counsel for consumer protection 

  • 02/2018–6/2018: AK Martínková, Vídeňský, Popek a spol., Legal Trainee